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Does After Effects have a plugin that can more one letter into another? (or even shapes, in general)

For example, if I had the word "Cold" and I want to morph it into the word "Hot". Is there any way to do that? Or do I have to draw the letters and animate them frame by frame?

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    convert your text layers to outlines. that will create a white solid layer with mask shapes conforming to the shapes of your text. then it's just a matter of animating from one mask shape to another.

    some tweaking required, obviously.
  • You can try the Reshape takes a lot of wrestling and computer power to get it right, though.
    You could also just put one letter on top of another one, and use a Liquid/Vector Blur distortion with keyed opacity to make it Look like something is morphing into something else. A good amount of tweaking there, but you might end up with a cool transition you'll like. Easier to cheat it this way, probably, than tangle with the Reshape filter.
    CC Twister with some crazy directional blur is an awesome little transition, but not the morphing effect you are going for.
  • Well, if you have illustrator it's no sweat (as you will find if you click this link)
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      Great suggestions. Time to go experiment!
      • I usually do something like this in Flash, then export it as a movie and bring it back into AE.

        Flash's morphing capabilities are pretty sweet and work really well. Of course, you need Flash to do it, though.
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          Hmm...true, I could use the Shape Tween method with Flash, but I wanted to also do some animating of the words (i.e. walking and jumping), and Flash doesn't have all the options that AE has.
          • You could always hand animate it in flash! Tablet, reference, onion-skinning, and off you go! :-D (j/k)

            (I love 2D animation)
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              As a side note, do you guys think its taboo or cheesy to use the preset text animations that come with After Effects? Some of them are pretty cheesy, but there are a few that look sweet. What do you guys think?
              • use whatever you think looks right.
                obviously, if YOU think a preset looks cheesy, then others will as well.

                as for morphing - changing a four letter word into a 3 letter word isn't easy!
              • I use Basic Text all the time. Slap a bevel and/or a dropshadow on that bad boy and we're good to go. Of course, most of my work is cheesy made-to-order schtuff.
          • "Hmm...true, I could use the Shape Tween method with Flash, but I wanted to also do some animating of the words (i.e. walking and jumping), and Flash doesn't have all the options that AE has."

            What options do you need to use in AE that Flash doesn't have?

            Just curious - for my own edification...
        • you can export a quicktime movie from flash? this sounds like a whole new world of possibilities. shape tweening in flash is indeed awesome.
          • Yup, you can export as Quicktime, Quicktime Video, Animated GIF, PICT, DXF, GIF, JPEG, EPS, Illustrator or PNG sequence.

            File>Export>Export Movie

            Morphing a 4 letter word into a 3 letter word in Flash is pretty easy. Not only that, but you can make keyframes to control the morph itself.
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              Here is a rough draft of the morph. I haven't added the lighting or environment yet. I'm trying to morph the word "cowardly" into the word "heroic". I'm not too happy with it. Any feedback would be appreciated.

              • What method did you end up using? Flash export?

                I don't think the cowardly needs to move in, move the camera instead if you want movement in the beginning. Also the colors are very bright and computery, might consider another palette.
                • Doesn't look like a Flash export, which is usually more fluid.

                  If you're not using a Flash export, I would try it....
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                    No, it's not Flash. Just have two layers in AE and bringing one in while the other fades out. (and distorting them along the way to make it look like there is a metamorphasis going on)

                    Yeah, I can probably export a QT in Flash. I've done tons of shape tweens and they usually turn out pretty good. (with lots of Shape Hints) But, I'm trying to improve on my AE skills, so I want to see if I can do this all with AE.

                    I started over and now the morph looks better. I'll post it up soon.

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